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    HSC Trials is in one week from now and I have not started studying properly

    Yes but if he went to school most of the time in the 3 terms leading up to now he will prob still have 90% attendance for the year, and even then he might be able to make up a family commitments reason for why he can't go to school. I really think that in his situation going to school is going...
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    HSC Trials is in one week from now and I have not started studying properly

    You should prob not go to school for the next week and study like 12 hours a day. I would try look at each topic for every subject and identify the most important stuff, prob like 2-3 hrs per term and finish off with 2 days of practice questions. Although you have a week you will be cramming the...
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    What's a good % to aim for in practice papers and trials?

    At what point would you say you've prepared well enough, is it consistent 70/ 80/ 90 in practice papers? What even are some reasonable trial marks? I feel like getting an 80 would be really good since it covers all topics for all subjects but idk if that's too low of a mark. Maybe people who...
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    schools preventing students from studying subjects

    If I had to choose between the 3 I would choose eco but idk what ur other subjects are/will be. I actually think it's an advantage for a good student to do a hard subject because not everyone can do well and then you can stand out whereas in business everyone will prob do well.
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    need help for subject selections

    I think doing ext 1 or ext 2 math would help more for eng/comp sci than any of those, physics would prob pretty good but I don't think it's required and you would prob be able to catch up on it very easily if you did ext 2 math. From ppl at my school, engineering studies sucks but I don't know...
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    schools preventing students from studying subjects

    They are good subjects (imo) because it's very clear what they want you to know just by looking at the syllabus, I also find them to be easy to study on your own. I think eco is very interesting and you can immediately notice the stuff you learn about in class when watching the news which makes...
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    schools preventing students from studying subjects

    All these problems can be solved just by passing the test, if you really want to do the subjects it really shouldn't be much of an issue. I don't see what is wrong with schools accepting students into subjects based on grades since that's what unis do too.
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    sophisticated language in personal responses + creatives

    I thing too much "big words" can make it hard to read especially if an easier word can be used for the same effect. I prefer to use simpler words in creative but my English marks are pretty inconsistent so I can't say that I 100% know what is best. I really feel like your feedback will largely...
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    uts law

    The best one to look at at is the median atar and lowest selection rank, just the atar isn't used anyway (I think), it's just for some people they don't get any adjustment points and their atar is their selection rank. Adjustment points aren't only disabilities and disadvantages, you can get...
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    i'm in a slump !

    >didn't study >didn't sleep >drank so much coffee/energy drinks
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    Modified / Self-Designed Exam Equipment

    You can use you ruler and the corners of an A4 piece of paper to sketch the triangles quickly, just remember the side lengths (or don't since the ratios are on your formula sheet) and draw templates like that. For circles you can find a clear water bottle with a flat bottom that you can trace to...
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    Influences on interest rates

    If inflation is expected to rise then there will tightening of MP thus higher interest rates, a tightening leads a to a fall in liquidity through OMOs when the government buys CGSs. This should decrease the supply of loanable funds and higher interest rates should lead to a decrease demand for...
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    i'm in a slump !

    You need to work harder than everybody else or at least as hard to stay competitive
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    Tell me if this is a good choice of subjects!

    Have u already been studying latin and got good results? If not you prob shouldn't do extension or maybe latin at all. It's pretty risky to choose a language you aren't already good at especially if you're doing distance ed since it's not the best way to learn. Also idk about music extension...