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    Horizontal and vertical asymptotes

    ok im done, wasted way too much time on that.
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    Horizontal and vertical asymptotes

    It might be a good idea to go over the theory for the chapter. I'll give a quick summary for part 3 to help you along: Horizontal asymptotes occur when a graph tends to a particular value for extremely large values of ‘x’. In the question given, y=0 is a horizontal asymptote because for larger...
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    what herowise said the syllabus is new. most teachers will learn what's in the syllabus after having taught the syllabus. it's not so easy to keep track of what's new when the std maths, 2u adv, 3u and 4u syllabii have all changed fairly recently.
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    Help pleaseee

    This is an extension of compound interest. In a compound interest question, you start off with ONE sum of money, which gets compounded over time. In this question, we are putting multiple sums of money (at the start of every year actually), and EACH OF THOSE SUMS gets compounded separately. We...
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    SELL| PREMIUM WORKED SOLUTIONS for Cambridge and Fitzpatrick both 3U and 4U

    still keen on buying the powerpoints. PM'd you heaps of times already.
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    Doesn't matter at all :) Just choose whichever one you want. Once you gain experience, you'll start to gain a preference as to which you find easier, but really, it makes no difference.
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    (Year 11) Where to get practice questions for MX1?

    (Dr.?) Tywebb, will you be working your magic and collecting trial papers for Year 11 of the new syllabi? And perhaps Year 12 trial papers for Mathematics Standard 2? They're far more helpful than textbooks!
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    New syllabus notes collab

    you don't really need notes for maths :o better off collaborating in making flashcards for each topic from past papers, or even a textbook
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    Help needed for year ten trigonometry question

    it's rising vertically. so it's a sohcahtoa question. tan 27 = x / 300 and tan 61 = y / 300 solve x and y. now, speed = distance / time so, speed = (y-x) / (7.03am - 7.00 am) you should be able to do b now.
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    Poll: How would you prefer a textbook with solutions to be split?

    Option 1 sounds better. Make the solutions a 'teacher's resource' and price it high - every school will buy it, guaranteed, and some students will too. But more importantly, students won't look at the solutions at the drop of a pin, and thereby forego any thinking they may have had to do - which...
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    permutation help!

    wow, this is brilliant!
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    How many case studies to excel?

    you want goods + services case studies, preferably 1 each for differentiation (eg Apple for goods + Qantas for service) and cost leadership (eg Kmart for goods + IMO car wash for service). it's important to note that you CAN use hypothetical case studies too, as long as they make sense.
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    (Year 11) Where to get practice questions for MX1?

    this :-) just look at old past papers, and find questions for topics you're doing. There's also quite a few collection of questions by topics floating around on the internet which you can use, including compilation of HSC/CSSA questions by topic. for some of the newer topics, like pigeonhole...
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    Best 2U resources, HARD QUESTIONS. (State Rank)

    after you finish a topic, go through ~50-100 past papers and make a collection of past paper questions which are relevant to the topic you've just finished. then go about answering them SLOWLY. Don't rush through them all on the same day. By far and away the most important thing is to make sure...