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im interested in the possibility of time travel and wormholes. wouldnt that be cool??? yes, yes it would be. im thinking i could build a ginat telescope and travel back in time through that, but i dont do quantam physics so i dont know if that will work. it could.
music festivals make me happy as does dancing and drinking slightly too much vodka. note slightly.
oh and the hsc is lame. but im go

thai food. is awesome. i make outrageous plans. sometimes i have premonitions for the future, its pretty cool. i really love mexican food and i really hope one day i will live there. so i guess i like to travel. dancing crazy is pretty fun, especially with glow sticks. love music it makes me smile. oh and i like the occassional (okay, maybe regular) party. scatteredness oh joy.
Academic Programme
advanced english, extension english, modern history, extension history, italian continuers, italian extension, studies of religion 1, legal studies
Educational Institution
Political Views
Favourite Music
dance, punk, chill, rock. jimmy eat world, 2manyDJs, the presets, the beautiful girls, snow patrol, u2, tegan&sara, kt tunstall, bob evans...
Favourite TV Shows
veronica mars. awesome
Favourite Movies
donnie darko, american beauty, saw 1.
Favourite Books
i dont read. it hurts my poor peanut of a brain.
Favourite Quote
uhhh....this isnt where i parked my car. hehehehe
citybeach- sales assistant
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Arts/Entertainment/Sport & Rec, Healthcare/Medical


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