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  1. seremify007

    Gantt Chart

    Not specifically, but if you can't figure Gantt charts in Excel out, I'd probably save your money and not invest in doing courses which require some degree of commitment to learning/studying.
  2. seremify007

    Gantt Chart

    If you can't figure out how to make a Gantt chart yet with all the tutorials, I suspect you'll find the various other components of the PMP course a bit challenging....
  3. seremify007

    ATAR with doing 3 commerces

    If you're doing well in them then of course it's possible. I dropped legal studies after year 11 when I saw how much effort it required and how little results I got from it. Had I kept it, maybe my UAI (yes I'm that old) may have been different. Oddly enough legal-based subjects ended up being...
  4. seremify007

    Tax file number

    Not sure if it's any different now but back in my time it was easier to get it whilst in school since the careers advisor (in our case) helped organise it.
  5. seremify007


    Are you trying to shave some time off your non-study period?
  6. seremify007

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    Still FF8 Remaster Haven't launched Control yet. Bought F1 2019 and Project Cars 2 during sales last week (Steam & Humble Bundle) but haven't had a chance to play either yet. I'm thinking I may have bought too many games lately as my preorder for Link's Awakening will activate soon.. uh oh.
  7. seremify007

    Do employers still accept resumes?

    I'd say smaller places which don't run large scale recruitment campaigns would probably still use them, but larger organisations may have a formal process to ensure consistency/fairness/etc (and be able to demonstrate that they didn't discriminate/etc) and these often rely on web forms, online...
  8. seremify007

    What happens to books/paper after graduation?

    Back in my day I uploaded the good stuff to BoS, recycled the rest. I kept my IPT Success One past papers book as a memento though.
  9. seremify007

    Post your gaming setup

    Officeworks bathurst chair or something right? I've been most impressed with the comfort but the seat cushion is starting to show signs of wear. I like that it's not noisy like my IKEA office chair.
  10. seremify007

    Post your gaming setup

    Totally forgot about this thread... here's my updated setup.
  11. seremify007

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    FF8 Remaster :)
  12. seremify007

    What are the hardest subjects in year 11 & 12?

    At least in my day it was always the 4U's and Physics. Not sure if that still holds true. As others have pointed out though it's all relative.. you might find extension <language> extremely difficult because you have zero inclination towards it (in which case you may want to reconsider doing it...
  13. seremify007

    CA Program - Ask questions, get answers! (new and improved)

    Haven't been on here in a while! Depends how strong you were in either of those subjects in uni or in your career. For me given I worked in audit, I figured I would forget my tax studies from uni would fade over time as I didn't use them (e.g. references) and I also assumed I would get more...