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    Recommendations for computer monitors.

    Do you intend to do anything else? High FPS isn't important for your use case from what I can tell but it is nice for some games (e.g. first person shooters). For a predominant purpose of using Excel, what is useful is the ability to see 'more' data through both higher resolution (i.e. pixel...
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    PC builds

    My issue at the moment is trying to choose a case... I've bought pretty much every part except that, and realised that by mixing and matching parts, I don't think RGB will work nicely together, and I also don't want to waste any features since I bought a not cheap (but not expensive) motherboard...
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    Macquarie University Actuarial studies vs. UNSW actuarial studies

    I'm not in the field but I've always thought Macquarie was the uni to go to for Actuarial studies - as long as you're set on that path, then that's where I'd go. Just keep in mind though, once you graduate you'll go on to do post grad with the institute anyway so noone will care which uni you...
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    New Features - Push Notifications, Emoji, Dark Theme

    Dark is so nice on the eyes.
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    PC builds

    After watching a lot of Youtube channels eg Linus, LGR, GamersNexus, etc... (and playing PC Building Sim), I've decided to build my own PC. Have many of you done this?
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    90+ Atar and low scaling subjects

    But don't become complacent - you need to maintain good ranks/marks otherwise the low scaling subjects will work against you.
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    indirect vs end-users

    @Kesono - why don't you share what you think/know/researched and someone here will try and help fill in the blanks. But in all seriousness I googled your question and literally on the first page of Google was a pretty darn good summary explaining it beyond what you'd need to know for the IPT/HSC...
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    Is The "Truman Show's" Christof based on Steve Jobs?

    I can see why you'd think so but I'm pretty sure when Truman Show came out, it was at a time before the world was as fascinated with Steve Jobs and his leadership style as we were later on when Apple became a more mass market brand.
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    Studying abroad to Asia

    I think Op never made it clear what they wanted to achieve by studying overseas.
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    Making up statistics in an exam

    Given it's clear what a band six response in economics requires (i.e. stats), it isn't so clear if they need to be correct. That being said if you make up something so far off from reality that any reviewer can tell it's BS, well... good luck.
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    Nintendo Switch

    I can't believe I bought the NES controllers from Nintendo for Switch Online but it's surprisingly satisfying to play... that, and I enjoy Smash and Pokemon Let's Go too.
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    School / Subject

    May as well bump an old thread! I don't study anymore. I'm too old but I work, and have a wife and daughter now :)
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    Business Studies and Legal Studies

    Are you naturally inclined to enjoy either of those subjects? Both are heavy on the reading and rote learning hence it comes down to what you're good at. For me, I struggled with memorising cases/etc and ended up dropping legal studies at the end of year 11... but ironically enough, when I did...
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    What is IPT? Is it hard?

    In hindsight it surprises me too, but hey, I still got a state ranking in IPT so clearly the system works.
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    Plz help me

    Talk to your school. That being said I doubt they'll let you switch unless you have some really compelling reason and also have a sufficiently strong academic record that you can overcome the disadvantage from starting so late and having to catch up to everyone else in the class.