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Hey, I'm Simmy, I hate telling people about myself without them asking, so I'll just say that I'm in year 12 and I'm off to Schoolies at Port Maquarie end of November. PARTIESSSSS!

i have a dog, i like to drive, i text a lot, i like the net,
Academic Programme
standard english, advanced mathematics, food technology, physics, two unit studies of religion
Educational Institution
St Catherines Catholic College
Political Views
Favourite Music
i love paramore, r-pattz (he's not attractive he just has a great voice), Lily allen, and Lady Gaga =]
Favourite TV Shows
NCIS, Criminal Minds, Masterchef (hahahaha),
Favourite Movies
my current dvd stack:
27 dresses,
angus thongs and perfect snogging,
devil wears prada,
3 pack of failure to launch, just like heaven, and love actually,
the holiday,
mean girls,
school of rock,
sisterhood of the travelling pants,
slipknot - voliminal: inside the nine (dont ask),
sydney white,
what a girl wants,

and on my ipod:
step up,
she's the man.
Favourite Books
it seems a lot of my reading material is appropriate for belonging: i read about teenagers... my favourite book is called Shadows in the Mirror and its fantastic. Highly recommend it, and also Jarvis 24, for any AFL fans.
Favourite Quote
stay fit, eat healthy, die anyway =]
Part-Time McDonalds
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Accounting/Banking/Finance, Admin/Secretarial, Advertising/Media/PR/Publishing, Architecture/Interior Design, Engineering, Executive/Management, Government, Hospitality/Tourism/Travel, HR/Recruitment/Training, Legal, Mining/Natural Resources/Utilities, Property/Real Estate


i dont lie. i just dont always tell the truth.

english is gay
food tech is boring
maths is okay...
physics is too confusing
religion is just stupid - there isnt enough to write 20 f*cking marks on BAPTISM. gah:jedi:



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