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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    89.9 .1 away from getting into Usyd commerce course or economics at UQ. Well this sucks.
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Estimated 87 atar, three band 6's in Maths, Business and Legal. 87 in multi, 83 in eco and 79 in English. And that was quite literally way above what I was expecting. I am very happy.
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    Post-HSC Bucket List

    Have many games I need to play but I haven't touched because of HSC. Just finished Sonic Mania Plus which I bought ages ago but didn't have the time to play. Also I work virtually daily now and have been grinding Overwatch at night. Trying to get to diamond, currently in low plat.
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    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    I watch League and Overwatch. Misfits own an OWL franchise - Florida Mayhem. And the two subjects I put down at USYD was Commerce and Commerce/Law. Definitely out of the latter but the former I've got a slim chance of making it.
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    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    It is serious offence. Legal aid isn't granted for anyone who has plea bargained because of resource efficiency.
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    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    Everything for the paper was very easy. Bar the Section 4 questions which were more on the challenging side. I dodged the finance question which was a bit of a mistake because after the paper I realised it was an economics essay. Instead I did the price/quality interaction essay which I...
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    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    I instantly put ICC for that question, because the High Court and ICJ doesn't cover genocide. I was tricked by the deportation one (q20) into putting "They can be deported if the judge uses discretion to order deportation as part of the sentence", rather than "They can be deported if they serve...
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    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    Legal was easy, the essay questions were good, the crime essay was broad as all hell, and the HR shorts were incredibly straightforward. A multi choice question messed with my mind but the rest was easy. Absolutely popped off in the option essays, pushing the 2nd booklet for both. WO was super...
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    I argued against the question for the essay. The statement did not fit Frank Hurley or my related text. Creative has always been my weakest but I thought I did slightly better for this exam over trials. Should have gone with my gut and used the photos in the short answers as evidence - I...
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    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    Yikes, Usyd and UQ is definitely off the table for me. Mod B was a serious curveball chucked at me, expected something specific but I had to chuck 2/3 of my remembered quotes in the bin immediately, I struggled to figure out what it meant initially and revolved my essay around how the audiences...
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    Multimedia Industry Study

    The industry study response should not be using dot points, it's basically a mini essay with an essay structure (intro, a few little paragraphs, and a conclusion if you want). I don't know why your teacher is pushing for that, I got blasted for doing that in year 11.
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    Your subject regrets

    Business Studies. Legitimately the most boring and dry course I do. Not to mention the subject is literally just common sense made more difficult with bigger words. I can't count how many times I have fell asleep in class. I never study for business, at all, still get rank 1-2 in it because its...
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    Year 11, what are you planning on doing after school?

    It'll be trading at the commodities exchange for me. Know many people in the field and have been set up for a position there later because all the gold traders in Sydney know who I am. If not, I'll grind out the next major team FPS that comes out and become a pro at it. To be fair, I don't...
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    Economics - HSC Essay Question Predictions 2018

    Here's a few of my top picks: (1) Protection - because of what has happened with Trump (2) Inequality/Fiscal hybrid - company taxation cuts, slow wages growth and growing inequality give rise to something like this. (3) Environment - Trump leaving Paris Agreement would be a big one to get this...
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    What can I do to get the best ATAR I can get?

    Here's few tips. Year 11 is nothing to worry about now. It doesn't get counted in your ATAR, and is a dress rehearsal for year 12. 1. Don't peak for trials or any internals. Trials are just a dress rehearsal for HSC. They're not the HSC. Internals get thrown away at the end of the day...