Snow Pea!

im dix, im alive, i eat sandwiches.
im currently studying hotel management in Canberra ACT. yes its cold :(
when i finish my degree i hope to work as events manager at disneyland :)

Dancing, eating, sleeping, singing, being hyperactive, talking to clothes lines :/
Jan 7, 1988 (Age: 36)
Canberra lolz :/
Academic Programme
Bachelor Of Business (Hotel Management)
Educational Institution
Aust. International Hotel School
Political Views
Favourite Music
Most Music Types.. including; silverchair, nirvana, rhcp, coldplay, franz ferdinand, no doubt, spiderbait, the beatles, rolling stones, the cranberries, interpol, powderfinger,linkin park, presidents of the usa, smashing pumpkins, the hot lies, the white stripes, fleetwood mac, ella fitzgerald, billie holiday.. like i said.. a bit of a mix :p
Favourite Movies
waynes world, zoolander, empire records, forrest gump, enigma, robin hood (cartoon),How To make an american quilt, revenge of the nerds, ferris buellers day off, ace ventura, stand by me, singing in the rain.. theres heaps :/
Favourite Quote
"..Snow Pea!" hehehe <3
Future Plans
Private college
Industry Interests
Hospitality/Tourism/Travel, HR/Recruitment/Training


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