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    Circle Geo

    i think this question was from the 2002 HSC (Q4?). simson's line.
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    UNSW school maths comp

    if u haven't already noticed, i'm always on the right hand side of every equation :p
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    UNSW school maths comp

    no turtle prolly jus needs to know when we need to vacate the clancy
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    how do you remember the activity series?

    hmm last time i checked, beryllium was less active than calcium.
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    Advanced 3-Unit Questions

    go get a tutor if u want a better use for your time. time is money
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    Testing for Cations: Flame Test

    no you're not ignorant; it hasn't been answered yet anions also absorb / emit energy. the difference is that the cations emit energies corresponding to the visible-light part of the EMR spectrum, whilst anions emit energies corresponding to higher (perhaps UV) part of the spectrum and thus...
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    integration: partial fractions question

    multiply top and bottom by 1 + tan(x/2). i jumped a step and expanded the denominator already.
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    integration: partial fractions question

    tan(45 + x/2) = [1 + tan(x/2)] / [1 - tan(x/2)] = [1 + tan(x/2)] ^2 / 1 - tan^2(x/2) = [1 + 2tan(x/2) + tan^2(x/2)] / 1 - tan^2(x/2) = * let t = tan(x/2) then * = 1 + 2t + t^2 / 1 - t^2 from t-results, we know that 2t/1 - t^2 = tanx, and 1 + t^2 / 1 - t^2 = 1/cosx = secx so tan(45 +...
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    help me about first-hand investigation,plz

    geez unless they ask for a quantitative analysis, i reckon you can get away with using the keywords "high" and "low", in describing solubility.
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    Chemistry Horror Stories

    i've recently discovered where the store of calcium carbide is in our school muhuahaha
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    carboxylic acids

    but won't the Na+ ions left behind make the muffin basic? the only anions that could possibly be left behind is the hydroxide ion.
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    Chemistry Horror Stories

    next time u pick up beakers when there are beakers with strong acid around: get a paper towel and wipe it dry. a poorly-documented laboratory test for conc acid is it discolours the paper. conc sulf turns the paper black, conc nitric turns it brown.
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    Chem Quiz

    like, real solid stuff like calculations, etc. not arty-farty environmental and social issues with batteries and crap we get for HSC
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    you've diluted the acid when you added the silver nitrate in. that's why [H+] is decreased and hence pH rises
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    oh yea.... oops gee my maths is so crap now i can't count to 3 stoopid med it's brainwashing me