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    Received code Q on my correspondence

    Should I wait til next round offer? Should I call the uni? Any thoughts or reassurance?
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    Undergraduate courses requirements

    Just a student trying to get into Usyd. I read on your website that "Applicants with an average distinction will be able to apply to courses with an ATAR up to 96." Does that average distinction represent GPA? or WAM? Because at Macquarie University, I have a 5.33 GPA (7 point) which would be...
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    Triple or four majors at Mq?

    Is this possible? I am wanting to do bachelor of arts and commerce but i was wondering whether I can do a triple or quad major at MQ?
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    Transfer to bachelor of arts

    Has anyone had any experience transfering to bachelor of arts at macquarie university from another uni? If so how did it work for you and what requirements did they need? GPA etc. I received a GPA of 4.33 how is this gpa going to affect my entry into this course?
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    Dentistry PQA?

    Is it possible to prepare for a PQA (Personal qualities test)?
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    Transition related texts question.

    What should be the ratio for "main text" to "related text" in Module C?
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    Muck Up photos

    Both actually!
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    Muck Up photos

    Anyone have any plans/ideas for their muck up photos?
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    How do i write a critical analysis of a text?

    This may sound like a dumb question but someone please answer it. Can someone also give me the structure to one as well?
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    Most efficient way of remembering a large sum of notes

    The title pretty much says everything :S
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    How does one study? If your focused on one subject

    How do u study to ensure that you get the best our of everysubject?
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    Gimme some maths questions before my exam tmr :)

    whats that? and im srs