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    Career shift?

    Actually it is not possible. My neighborhood is 200 km away from my office. I can't just attend both. But your idea was great! I think I should try to convince my boss to do freelance work from home after the school time.
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    Career shift?

    I am a Post-Graduate in Physics as well as an Search Engine Optimization + Digital Marketing expert. Right now I am working for a Web Development company and it's been almost a year. I love teaching Physics and recently I was offered to be a Physics teacher in a High School from my local...
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    What is the future of 3D Rendering?

    I am new in this kind of technology and know very less about the rendering thing. Heard that many Hollywood movie uses this tech to replace the Green screen. I have gone through a website, and they say that they build 3d floor plan, interior design or something like this! Could you tell me what...
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    Plastic surgery + 3D printing = My Future!

    Greta ambition. I guess your interest needs some exercises in 3d modelling sector. You must need to have a good understand in 3d rendering services first and learn how it works in real life. 3d printing is obviously the future tech and you need to learn software like AutoCAD (for basic knowledge...