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    Bio exam thoughts

    Yeah I learnt that too!
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    Hey! I would definitely go ahead and continue with German! Just because others are really good in it too, does not mean that is a reason to stop, if anything its great because you can exchange notes and have german conversations with each other. :) I am doing 12 Units and german is a nice...
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    !!!Trial Papers!!!

    Hallo You can find all the past papers on the NESA website: Just scroll down to german continuers and german extension and they are there :) Viel Glück!
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    Full Time Distance Education Students

    Hey All! Just through I'd see if there is anyone else doing the HSC full time through distance education, and how you are going with it. I am curious as to how others are handling self-teaching and what your methods for learning are :)
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    ATAR estimate

    Wow that is a low estimate, how did you calculate it? Nothing determined yet, i shall see what happens :)
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    ATAR estimate

    I can find pretty much nothing on my school (might be because it is distance ed). There were 3 D.A students with a D.A count of 4. I only found how many got what bands from 2014 and 2015, maybe this helps? it does not say what subjects. 2014 / 2015 B6 - 16 / 24 B5 - 48...
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    ATAR estimate

    I am not sure where to find that. As far as i know no one got any band 6 in any of those subjects last year. :S
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    ATAR estimate

    School rank - 500 English standard 2/16 Biology 4/21 Chemistry 4/12 German Continuers 1/6 Maths General 2 2/9 Geography 3/5 Cheers
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    2017ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Sorry, i did not reply to that! Switzerland :)
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    What were the Exams like?
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    2017ers Chit-Chat Thread

    No I am overseas
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    2017ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Is anyone else doing the whole HSC via distance education here?
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    About distance ed

    Ask your teacher that you mail with whether you can have Skype or phone lessons with them. Usually this can be arranged :) There are also great online sources, if you google the topic. I know for biology there are great crash courses and a site called lets learn science which has tutorial...