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As he made his way to the ladder, Brian considered what he had just learned. A slimy bastard was fucking his wife. She was even going to withhold sex from him as much as possible to placate and please her lover. Brian managed a grim smile as he considered that. Brenda was going to have no trouble withholding sex from him because she was never again going to have his cock inside her!

He studied his situation while taking a shower and came to several quick decisions. He wouldn't let Brenda know he was aware of her infidelity. Tim had two years of high school left, so Brian decided his main focus would be his son. He'd no longer concern himself with Brenda. He simply no longer cared about what she wanted or how she felt. Why should he give a rat's ass about her since she obviously held him in complete contempt?

He wasn't willing to vacate the house he had spent fifteen years remodeling so some sleazy prick could live there in comfort while banging his wife! Brenda hadn't sounded like she would be seeking a divorce, so Brian decided to make an attempt to hang on until Tim graduated from high school.

There was one thing he knew he'd need; his apartment completed much sooner. Brian decided he'd include some major upgrades. Rather than only sleeping there while working night shift, it would become his living quarters for the next year and a half. He would need a small kitchen, as well as a full bathroom. By the time Tim graduated and headed for college, Brian would have had time to form a plan on how he wanted to proceed. To that end, Brian called some contractors he knew and made appointments to get estimates. He had decided to hire a company to complete the work. It would be done quickly and professionally, and he'd pay someone to do it. There was no longer a need to save pennies by doing everything himself. His promotion would easily allow him to cover the expenses. For the first time in his life, Brian realized his time was more important than money.
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