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    Mathematics Tutoring - 99ATAR Medicine Student

    Hello, my name is An and I am female medical from Western Sydney, living in the Fairfield area. I am excited to help you to achieve your full potential in mathematics and get exceptional results! Subjects: Year 9/10 Maths, Year 11 & 12 2U and 3U My goal is to provide tailored tutoring...
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    Medicine Interview Training - UNSW

    Hello there! I’m a UNSW med student offering interview training as well as help with filling in the UNSW application form. In my honest opinion, the interview is quintessential and unfortunately, the most underrated aspect of getting into medicine. I feel strongly about the interview because...
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    at what age do you typically graduate med school

    This is all based on info I found from here/UNSW info day/seminars but: 1. ~30 (assuming one gets in first go, also an approximation since some specialties require less/more studying) - what I saw from UNSW info day at least 2. 5-7 for uni studying, then around 4 if not more for specialty...
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    Generic Essay Help

    Definitely agree with the methods provided above to help save you time. I think that deciding between 1 or 2 generics is dependent on how confident you are with tackling essay questions. I wasn't very confident with english and so I did 2 because I was afraid I couldn't mould it to suit the...
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    Generic Essay Help

    I followed the same plan for English. However to do so, your generic must be adaptable to all potential essay questions which is tricky but doable. For me, I couldn't smash every essay question with one generic so I had two for AOS to ensure I covered all bases :) However, tbh my two essays...
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    UNSW Guaranteed Entry

    If you dont make the first preference but you make the cutoff for your second preference then yes. Following the above, the reason why they say that("place this as first pref. to receive offer) is because its true. If a course is your first preference and you have guaranteed entry for that...
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    UNSW Guaranteed Entry

    The guaranteed entry (to my knowledge) is not really an offer. All it means is that you can chill because your marks will get you into that course. If you've surpassed the cutoff for your first preference you'll get an offer for it when main round offers are on. For your friend, if he doesnt get...
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    Bad first assessment marks and Bad cohort?

    All that matters is your ranking. However, generally low ranking schools tend to have easier exams so the low marks may be an area of concern. Look at the questions you got wrong and spend this time to revise the topics you aren't certain with. Also, if you have the funds look at getting a maths...
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    Med Interview Invitations 2015/16

    When you book your WSU interview they direct you to a page detailing your info e.g. time and date. At the bottom it says that the page is your confirmation. I didn't get an email for WSU but perhaps your friend was mistaken with UNSW (which did send one)?
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    Same one related text for everything?

    Quick question, in the event that they do ask for two related texts, is the below structure acceptable? Intro Idea 1 - Prescribed Text Idea 1 - Related Text 1 Idea 2 - Prescribed Text Idea 2 - Related Text 2 Conclusion
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    Assuming UWS's calculation method is S1+S2+(0.5xS3) what mark (out of the 150) would be the cut off approximately? Mixed feelings since I'm happy with my overall UMAT, but it was dragged up mainly by S3 (to make up for S2)...So if they exclude that.....