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    Very hard mechanics question

    its should be 2|x_r| (apart from x_0=A), since you need to go down and up, and the distance cant be negative.
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    Past papers

    get the questions right
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    Very hard mechanics question

    isnt this the grammar q16 lol which part of the question are you having problem with?
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    Internal ranks

    you always keep your own exam mark- if you get a 90 in the exam mark, your exam mark will always be 90. Your school based marks are moderated. Your cohort's marks are adjusted so they match the range of the exam marks- e.g the aggregate and mean match. The distribution matches the marks...
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    Advice when asking for a remark?

    I'm relatively sure you cannot ask for a remark in HSC year. You can only appeal on 'process' grounds- e.g. you were not given the full exam time.
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    Subjects - many many questions

    I'm probably biased because I do maths, but I'd say always do at least some maths. It just leaves so many opportunities open- if at the end of year twelve you have a change of heart and suddenly want to do something science/tech/maths related, those 2 units of maths will be very helpful. Plus if...
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    Intersection of Line Segments

    yes using vectors
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    Intersection of Line Segments

    firstly, these are vector equations of lines, not line segments, unless the domain of lambda is restricted between some finite values. Also, not that the lambda in these two lines aren't really the same variable- they can take on different values. It might be easier to notate one of them as mu...
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    Is the purchase of property recorded on the capital or financial account?

    ye its defs the financial account
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    bad internal ranks, good hsc results?

    Your cohort affects the moderation of your internal HSC marks. There is no steadfast rule about how you will be affected. Say in the HSC exam, your school has one or two stellar students, but the rest are average. This is probably true in most low ranking schools. If you rank in the top 10, you...
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    this is the sweatiest move i've ever seen. Just use reading time to read lol
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    Influences on interest rates

    Also if inflation is expected to rise, investors may chose to move to markets with lower inflation, and consumers are more likely to spend rather than save. This further decreases the supply of loanable funds.
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    Recommended biology textbooks

    Can you hit me up with those bio notes too plz? ty
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    I can only write 660 per 45 minutes

    I swear this does not work, isn't the effect just from you writing more, not from the rubber?
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    maths hsc new syllabus

    I second this