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    Module 8 Chemistry - Applying Chemical Ideas

    These notes are a bit rushed, but they seem solid enough. Really don't leave this module to the last minute - there's a lot that you need to know well, that will cost you marks in the HSC. Again, I suck with calculations, so make sure you practise them more than I did. Also sorry about the...
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    Module 7 Chemistry - Organic Chemistry

    This was my favourite module, since it's all theory, so everything you need to know should be covered. Except multiple functional groups, because we mysteriously didn't do it in class, but we need to know it for HSC, so make sure you cover that too. I lost the quiz that I made for this, but I...
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    Module 6 Chemistry - Acid/Base Reactions

    Again, I kind of suck with calculations, but I tried to make everything as easy to understand as possible. Not sure if I highlighted all the important stuff. May contain some sarcastic comments.
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    Module 5 Chemistry - Equilibrium and Acid Reactions

    I've never really been good with calculations, but I do think I covered the theory well. I started making a quiz at the end, finish it if you like. I tried to make it clear and pretty, but I didn't finish highlighting, sorry. May include some sarcastic comments.
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    Module 7 Biology - Infectious Diseases

    This should cover what you need to cover in an easy-to-understand way, and I included as many examples as possible, because I wasn't sure what I would remember in the exam. I didn't finish highlighting, sorry, so you might encounter big chunks of explanation. May include some sarcastic comments.
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    Module 8 Biology - Non Infectious Diseases and Disorders

    These should cover just what you need to know, maybe a bit of extra detail through the middle. Sorry, I didn't finish highlighting. May include some sarcastic comments.
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    Module 6 Bio Notes - Genetic Change

    This goes into a bit too much detail, particularly at the beginning. I just found some of it really interesting, as I could connect some of this to what I learned in chemistry. So don't worry about all the detail. Though I'm pretty sure that I touch on everything you could be asked, and I tried...
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    Module 5 Biology Notes- Heredity

    This covers what you need to cover, not sure about the last few dot points though, it mght be a bit confusing. I also made an unfinished quiz lol, see if you can finish it, because I think the reason I remember so much from prelims is because I tested myself often. Quizzing is good for big...
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    Module 4 Chemistry - Drivers of Reactions

    I made most of these notes the night before my chemistry prelim, but I fixed them up and now they seem pretty solid. Lol, make sure you don't leave this to the last minute, it's not that bad. May include soem sarcastic comments. Also includes a quiz at the bottom.
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    Module 3 Chemistry - Reactive Chemistry

    This should cover everthing you need to know. I tried to make it pretty and easy to understand, but I didn't finish highlighting, sorry. May include some sarcastic comments.
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    Module 2 Chemistry - Quantitative Chemistry

    I really struggled with this module, but I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible. Make sure you practise. May include sarcastic comments.
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    Module 1 Chemistry - Properties and Structure of Matter

    This should cover everything important. Hopefully everything is worded nicely. May include some sarcastic comments Also includes a quiz at the bottom :)
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    Module 4 Biology - Ecosystem Dynamics

    I'm not completely sure about these notes, considering I hated most of this module, but these notes covered what needed to be covered. May include sarcastic comments lol
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    Module 3 Biology - Biological Diversity

    This should cover the important areas. If you're fluent with this you'll be fine. Also knowing some of this stuff in year 11 will make module 5 a lot easier. I didn't finish highlighting all the important stuff, hopefully it's not too messy. May include some sarcastic comments
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    Module 2 Biology Notes - Organisation of Living Things

    This should cover all the important stuff. It made my revision for prelims so easy. It was really easy for me to understand this module after I made all these notes, so I hope they can be of use to someone else. May include some sarcastic comments Also I made a quiz at the bottom :)