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    Q regarding ACCT1B

    According to the lecturer in charge you need to get 50% in the final to pass the course. If you are sitting on a credit average and screw up the exam and get say 45%, will they really stick to what they said and fail you, or is there discretion involved.
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    Accounting 1B Fail

    That requires me to study all over again and most probably fail, but i will look into it;
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    Accounting 1B Fail

    If i got 43 do you think there is any possible way i could ask for a remark, i just need 3 more marks to get a pc. I mean god damn, i dont even want to be an accountant for gods sake. I hate uni so god damn much!!!!!
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    Question for QMA final exam

    If i am sitting on 77 percent, i only need 35 percent to pass. If i get 35 percent will they pass me still, or do i need 50 percent in the final to pass the course. There is nothing discussing this matter in the course outline.
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    question 13 of multiple choice

    which is the following that best describes the operation of common law? a) common law can only be changed by statute c) common law can adapt to changes in society The answer would be C, not only is the ONLY word false, but answer A cannot be considered an operation of common law.
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    QMA question regarding lecturer?

    Could you find all her earlier ones by any chance
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    QMA question regarding lecturer?

    Judith Watson last semester had really good notes put up on webct, unfortunately i did no work for qma and failed. But this semester they aren't up, is there any way of obtaining them??
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    Prac exams for acct 1501

    Thanks heaps, are there answers anywhere by any chance???
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    Prac exams for acct 1501

    Does anyone know where can get some more prac exams aside from the ones on webct, i kind of did those with the help of the answers and id like to do one just by myself.
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    Q for micro economics

    What is the difference between marginal returns to a variable input and returns to scale?
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    Timetable for commerce/law

    If i am doing a full time commerce law degree, how many days do you attend per week and how long are the days generally.
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    Timetable for commerce/law

    For first year commerce law students, how often do you have to attend uni, and also generally how long are the days.
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    top universities ??

    Yeah I'm trying to figure out whether I wanna do an arts degree at USYD or an arts/comm at UTS. Alot of people bitch about the life at UTS and cos the campus is a city block as opposed to acres of trees and shit...
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    Question about law next yr

    Hey im wanting to do either marketing law or commerce law next yr at mac. THe cut off last year was 95.65 for marketing law, and 95.45 for commerce law. I got 97.05 do you think that I will be fine for both preferences.
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    Post your HSC Marks + UAI for SAM 04 results

    SAM said 96.95 and i got 97.05