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    Anyone who studies both Ancient & Modern History?

    I have recently graduated having done both. I loved it, in year 10 I was on the brink of choosing geography instead of ancient for similar reasons that you express, it just didn't sound good to do two histories. It felt too narrow. but I'm really glad I did. One thing people miss in their...
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    Which subject should I drop??

    drop bio. you don't want to have 13 units and the idea that having a narrow focus of subjects is a bad thing comes from nowhere. You should do the subjects you will do well in to get a shiny atar, the specifics don't matter if you do well
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    Books for Fort Street High School

    You mean textbooks? I went to Fort Street (now graduated) and unless you did a language subject with a workbook you borrowed all prescribed texts from the school your school fees there is still a mysterious loan fee but you're not expected to buy anything. But maybe I've...
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    Macquarie University 2020 Questions and Answer Thread

    Any thoughts on ancient history at Macquarie anyone?
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    What can I expect from Extension English 1 in year 11?

    definitely, the more essays you write the better. Across both Englishes
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    any tips for creatives?

    Star writing straight away, go way over the word limit. Then you can keep the good stuff.
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    Related texts for Merchant of Venice ??

    Just saw that this was kind of a long time ago, so I guess I'm too late -- still, good film!
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    Related texts for Merchant of Venice ??

    Hello! I think it´s fine to pass this on...I did well in this first assessment task and used the 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon. Substantial conceptual links can be made to Merchant if you view the gay bank-robbing protagonist in parallel with Shylock. Both are outsiders taking out aggression on...
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    Technique in "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past"

    Assuming its not a literal chase...then I guess a metaphor. Likening a romantic pursuit to a physical pursuit, which suggests the pain and effort associated with the emotional game of love.
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    does anyone know how many pages one booklet was?
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    Technique in "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past"

    Parallelism? Or you could talk about the way an abstract concept like 'the past' is being given object-like qualities through the use of proprietary language So 'the past' is no longer intangible and plural, its just one object that can be controlled and owned
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    Same!! I spent so much time mucking about between questions trying to get everything to lie flat...
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    Reply here for atar estimates

    Subject Rank Trial mark B6s last year Ancient history 2/19 91 2 English advanced 1/155 99 41 English extension 1 1/25 50 16 English extension 2 1/15 - 4 Modern history 7/44 88 14 Spanish continuers 1/60 98 ? NSL Spanish extension 1/15 48 ? NSL thank you ATAR genius (!)
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    ancient history trials anyone?

    Anyone got any ancient history trials they can share? many thank
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    A Broad Essay question for common module.

    Hello! This is the St Ursula's College trial question from this year: Evaluate how the representation of the complexities of individual and shared human experiences are illuminated in your prescribed text. It's a little wordy but it means precisely nothing so you can really write whatever...