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    QTAC Offers

    234112 Bachelor of Science - full-time at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus .
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    Techically @ Griffith, you do dental science and after that you have the option to take up the full fee dentistry program (masters i think?). =P
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    Liking people who are already taken

    do you like a girl and then find out shes taken or do you like a girl after you find out shes taken?
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    Umat Scores.

    well now that you created a thread and recieved your scores not feeling inclined to post your scores huh?
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    When do the UMAT results come out?

    from the medstudentonline forum apparently people in victoria have received their UMAT results.
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    Deleting accounts

    Quick question: Would members who clearly wont be back here again be deleted? e.g. didnt visited in more than a year etc?
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    Application Guide for med/dent to Oz

    lol aww come on, where's the basic research? simple answer: There is no difference
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    ۩ Give me a degree. ۩;id=5 :uhhuh:
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    Virus alert

    This user seems very very suss :rolleyes:
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    Guys wearing diamonds

    My friends dad uses a rolex watch with diamonds in it, I dont think it looks bad. *shrugs* dunno... =)
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    Free land line calls to 18 countries

    curious to how it works though... :) bleh nothings free these days btw: I didnt download it.
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    CA achiever program

    CA achiever Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has heard back from them as yet. Last year, they apparently informed shortlisted applicants a week or two before the closing date. Sure hope their policy on that has changed for this year! Thanks. :)
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    Death Penalty in the USA

    Centrelink i would say is kinda different E.g. student recieves youth allowance so they can study and get a high earning income, student then pays taxes so it pays for another students youth allowance. cycle continues. Singapore uses the death penalty, I think its a deterant, just look at...
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    As long as she spams in this section she'll probably go unnoticed.
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    Med Students Online

    At this moment in time can someone access it?