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Recent content by wannaspoon

  1. wannaspoon

    Including English in every ATAR is unfair to students with other strengths

    You would expect that a person being prepared for a professional career in the world; university; etc to have a strong grasp of the English vocabulary and language, would you not?
  2. wannaspoon

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    Traded my Lawyer job for a Dispute Resolution Officer job... Money is better (compared to what I was getting, it's actually a lot better), hours are better, life is better, career prospects are better (gunning to become an Nationally Accredited Mediator), less liability if "shit hits the fan,"...
  3. wannaspoon

    Latest News: 22 Dead in Manchester

    Learn to live with it - Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London... Pretty much sums up the European attitude, you reap what you sew though... Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...
  4. wannaspoon

    How to fake logbook odometer?

    Buy a really, really cheap car, never drive it, sell it to a wreckers before your test (or you can just log it with other peoples are... Or log hours where other people are driving you and just get them to sign off on it)... Where's the car to check the odometer? it has since been sold...
  5. wannaspoon

    French election: Macron defeats Le Pen to become president

    No surprise really, France has always voted centrist... Germany on the other hand... Well... :lol: I'm looking more forward to the German elections in September... Would absolutely be laughing my arse of if the National Front hold the balance of power after parliamentary elections next month...
  6. wannaspoon

    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    How is that funny, the guy is studying medicine now... Which says a lot... :lol:
  7. wannaspoon

    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    Do you work in the industry?
  8. wannaspoon

    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    Come back to this thread after you finish your PLT in mid 2019... Think you got a bit confused, I was not talking about the job market at all (in fact, I would say job openings for juniors have really improved over the past 6-8 months)... I was actually talking about working at a firm... You'll...
  9. wannaspoon

    decent uni part time jobs

    Factory Work, Labouring... Get swole!
  10. wannaspoon

    criminal law clerkship?

    mad bumps, bots be strong... :lol:
  11. wannaspoon

    What car do you drive? (the new one)

    Doing some math... :) looking at getting these...
  12. wannaspoon

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    You, you're smart... I like that Meghan Markle though... phooowwwwaaaa
  13. wannaspoon

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    It is interesting though, I'll pay that one...
  14. wannaspoon

    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    I'm in the suburban firm situation (but it's far from mid tier hahaha)... It's close to home at least, which is a plus... Can tell you now... You're better off getting a job at Woolworths and climbing the corporate ladder there until you are area manager... :lol: I really don't want to...