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    Why must a CAD equal a KAFA surplus?

    Maybe a more simple way to look at it is that a CAD means money is being paid out of the eco into the global eco. So in order to balance that K leaving the country(from BOGS or NY), there must be an inflow of I theoretically and thus, including net omissions and errors CAD + KAFA = 0.
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    That would definetly be enough time to catch up within 3-4 weeks I would say, but don't forget to ask any questions to your teachers or even your dad. I'm sure that they will be willing to answer questions for you, especially if you have no prior knowledge. As long as you try to keep up with the...
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    Normanhurst Boys Selective Entrance Exam 2019

    I had one of my friends get into Normo during Year 11, he told me that the exam is pretty different from the HAST. It was more of a typical test which tested much more normal stuff rather than general ability. Hope this helps!
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    As long as you have the willingness to catch up and ask questions, it will be easily possible for anyone. I would try to catch up in the next holidays or any free time that you get. However, if you're only doing it because your dad is good at it, I'm not sure you will enjoy the subject too much...
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    In regards, to your decision between the two schools, have you talked to both of those schools to determine if that subject combination is possible? That might be a deciding factor between the two schools. But with your subject selection, I would go with whichever subject you like the most(Trust...
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    Topic 2 need help please

    Evaluate means to "make a judgement based on criteria" I would say that by providing both sides of the argument and starting/ending with your overall judgement about the question which would be either balanced cost/benefit or greater benefits than costs etc. For this question, I would also try...
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    Need some Help urgently!!

    So as the KAFA(Capital and Financial account) increases due to an investment inflow from foreign sources, this leads to a worsening of the NPY(Net Primary Income) because of the education CAD + KAFA = 0 and the investment inflow must be repaid through servicing costs. An increase in the surplus...
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    Mechanics question

    I'm assuming this question is for Maths, in which case you can't just use a formula without proving it because it is not given on the formula sheet. You may use the formula as a way to check your answer in maths but not as a form of working out.
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    I think you're missing what yooook wants because he's asking people for their IPT raw vs scaled marks, not the purpose and role of each indicator.
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    Are you not understanding the information given in the table or looking for more data?
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    What would I need for a 99 atar?

    It's difficult to know without looking at historical data from your school. I recommend checking HSCNinja to find out the rankings of past students who got Band 6's in each subject. A Band 6 in all subjects is usually a 99 ATAR or very close to, so that will help you setup your ranking goals...
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    Essay Question Help!!

    This question seems like a more historical question where you can discuss a lot of things(Broad q): E.g. Australia has always been linked with countries with high eco growth since those countries will require resources/commodities(Which Aus mainly X) to produce more goods and thus, Australia has...
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    How to do well in eco

    For me, I’ve been spacing out the time I spend on eco, just for the content to settle in and then testing myself later on with practise papers. Also During the holidays I went ahead and made sure I understood the basics and this has helped me this term to understand the content. however I would...
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    When you say "voltage increases so current decreases," you're assuming that P is fixed, whereas when you say "voltage increase, current increases" you're assuming R is fixed. But in fact, it isn't possible to change the current while keeping both of these things constant. Let us assume that...
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    1960-1990 Answers

    The HSC papers should be on THSC from 1967 onwards, I can't post the link but you can google it