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Recent content by zeee1999

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    microeconomics question

    Suppose that Joshua spends 10 hours per day picking fruit. He can pick 1 kg of apples per hour and 1 kg of cherries every 2.5 hours. B) At his local farmer’s market, Joshua can buy or sell as much fruit as he wants at a price of $4/kg for apples and $8/kg for cherries. If Joshua only wanted...
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    adapting to university life??

    LMAOO I’m glad I thought everyone around me knew what was going on or what they were doing except me
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    adapting to university life??

    for those who have done their first year how long did it take you to adapt to uni , im in my first week and kind of finding it all very overwhelming as well as feeling kind of lost with pretty much everything
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    student id

    everytime ive tried to do the thing online it hasnt worked? would i be able to do it on campus during o week or should i just wait until classes start
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    Pick up advanced englis after dropping it

    whats your ranking in standard??
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    psyc1001 and wam??

    anyone done this course and knows if it would be hard to get distinctions in? theres alot of contact hours and i enrolled but am wondering if its worth it
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    job interview

    LMAOO i got the job straightaway i start in 2 weeks idek why i was worried
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    job interview

    i have a interview tommorow at salsas fresh mex grill in bondi and dont really know what to expect?? have any of you guys been there before?? do you think theyll hire me even tho i have 0 experience in fast food or anything , and i really hope it isnt a group interview :blink2:
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    is it too late

    i was doing so bad in chemistry (it was my worst subject and lowest mark) the entire year and by bad i mean barely passing , i ended up with a mark of 74 , not the best but for someone who was really doing horrible it was a great increase , nonetheless i also ended up with a atar of 89.75 which...
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    has anyone done this course and knows if itll be hard to obtain a distinction/high distinction in??im considering taking it as a free elective but i didnt do maths in the hsc and wonder if that will negatively impact me?? also if you have done it what was it like
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    Free electives

    im doing criminology;an introduction policy and society then i was gonna do a introduction to the australian legal system and something else if i can maybe another law elective
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    Free electives

    but say fo example i do two law gen ed's can they count as free electives?
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    Free electives

    oh cool so is it the same as general education? can i pick two general education courses
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    Free electives

    im doing crim/criminal justice at unsw and it says i can take 12 units of free electives in one semester but what is a free elective?? can you choose a subject from any faculty
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    how to accept offers??

    im kind of confused it says "accept or defer your offer in myunsw" i went onto that website and it took me in a circle