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    Sunday 6:30pm Free Online Mod 2 and Mod 7 Chemistry Wrap-Up Seminars ACE

    Hey everyone, Justin from ACE here again. As we want to make these a mainstay in the calendar, we’re holding another round of our End of Module Wrap Up Seminars this weekend! Like always, we want these these seminars to do as much good as possible, so they are completely free and open to...
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    Year 11 Physics Mod 1 Free Online Seminar Sunday 19th Feb - ACE

    Hi everyone, Justin here from ACE. In case you missed the last post, I graduated from James Ruse in 2016 and am now the Head of Chemistry and Academic Lead at ACE. I am excited to post again to let you know that our new series of completely free online seminars which review each Module in the...