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    Cheap 99.75 ATAR Notes & Resources | Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 (98, 96) | Chemistry (97) | Business Studies (96, Dux) English Advanced (91)

    Here's a quick summary of me: 99.75 ATAR 97 HSC Mark in Chemistry Dux of Business Studies at Sydney Boys High School (a top 10 selective school) - 1st in prelim exam, 1st in trials, 1st in year 12 internally and 1st in HSC (96 HSC Mark) 98 in Maths Advanced and Extension 1, 95 in Extension 2...
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    No more need for chem and bio textbooks?!?

    Hey guys! I hope the term has been going great so far (and if it hasn't, I'm about to bear great news so sit tight)! I've used the chemistry and biology notes I made in year 11/12 with 200+ students tutored over 4 years - and without fail, they have proved a valuable asset to getting them band...
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    Chemistry Notes | 99.75 ATAR | 97 HSC Mark | ONLY $3 per Module

    Hi there, my name is Saksham and I'm a 2nd-year medical student at UNSW and a graduate of Sydney Boys High School with a 99.75 ATAR. I am selling my chemistry notes (HSC mark of 97), which contain detailed summaries of everything you need to know to for the Chemistry HSC + my advice on how to...