construction management

  1. heatblaster34

    Is White Card Training included within the UTS and/or UNSW construction courses?

    Sorry for posting here again about UTS and UNSW comparisons, but I seriously need help over this question, as it will make the final decision for which University to choose for my future. Anyone here previously enrolled within Bachelor of Construction Management courses between UTS and/or UNSW...
  2. heatblaster34

    UNSW vs UTS What should I choose?

    Alrighty, I am seriously in a tough situation right now because of course offers between these two universities. I intend to do Bachelors of Construction Management, but I am really stuck on which course/uni to choose to persue my studies. Please have a look at the course summaries below between...
  3. heatblaster34

    Anyone here doing Bachelor of Construction Project Managment at UTS?

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to ask if people here were/are going to be enrolled in Bachelor of Construction Project Managment and what is your advice/experience in this course as of now? Also wanted to ask on a side note, is this course better as a whole than the ones featured in UNSW (Bachelor...
  4. heatblaster34

    Questions about Bachelor of Construction Management and Universities

    Hi everyone, I have a bunch of questions for studying Construction Management at different universities. I am currently doing my HSC and I am really interested in doing Construction Management for my career. Although, now I am stuck in the dilemma of what course to choose between 3 universities...