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    Ladies, please take a few moments out to fill out this survey for my major project! 🙏🏻

    If you are a girl, I would really appreciate if you could fill out this short 2-second survey. It is 100% anonymous. Thank you so so much!
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    Head Teacher Not Letting Me Drop Subject

    I am in year 11 wanting to drop a pretty content heavy subject which I am not good at for a more practical subject (Design And Tech). I have talked with the 2 Design And Tech teachers in the school that know me really well and they have said that I have the skills for the course and they would...
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    School prohibiting dropping a subject

    Hey there, I am in year 11 trying to drop a pretty content heavy subject for a relatively easier lighter subject (Design and Tech). The subject coordinator of my school is saying that it is too late. Design and Tech has virtually no prelim content as is just portfolio work which can easily be...
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    Earth & Environmental VS Design & Tech Scaling

    What is the difference in terms of scaling?
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    Ideas For Major Works

    A bit of Inspo would help :)