engineering studies

  1. H

    Preliminary Engineering Studies Past Papers

    Can u all provide engineering studies past papers for me please
  2. S

    Engineering Notes

    Hi So it been two terms in yr 12 and our class barely learns anything so I thinking that if you guys have any notes that I am able to study from that would be great. I am not gonna pay for the notes so unless they are free I don't want it. Thanks Guys
  3. D

    I recently got my year 11 subjects and would like to get some advice

    So for year 11, I got the subjects English advanced, Maths extension, Chemistry, Physics, and economics. I really wanted to do engineering, and I have the option to still pick it, but it is only available in line 5, where I have Economics, which I wanted to do as well, but engineering was my...
  4. D

    Looking for a tuition.

    I'm in year 10 and am doing Ext. Maths, Adv. English, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and engineering studies. I am looking for tutors for these subjects, preferably not personal. Any help would be great.
  5. S

    Engineering Studies vs Physics

    How similar is engineering studies to physics? Would doing them both in years 11 and 12 be a good idea?
  6. jarodphillips_

    Engineering Studies trial papers!

    Hello, are there any trial HSC engineering studies papers around? Much would be appreciated in this time
  7. Pablo_35

    Need Help On Memorising !

    Hello members of BOS ! With all the notes done, i was wondering what is the most effective way to study it (especially memoring the all the definitions).
  8. Q

    Engineering helpful sites/programs?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have come across any helpful sites that provide engineering notes based on the Year 12 syllabus? Our school has decided to buy Edrolo however they have the majority of senior subjects but not engineering :( Any help would be appreciated :) Thank you
  9. M

    HSC Engineering Mechanics Textbook!!

    There is an amazing looking textbook purely on HSC Engineering Mechanics with over 230 Qs and their fully worked solutions that is soon to be released. Type the following into Facebook to check out the product/website - "eureka publications"