1. Y

    English standard vs Advanced?

    Hi guys, I am currently in year 10 and i need some advice on picking between english standard or advanced as im really torn in between right now. I would say Im not a terrible english student but I am not excelling either, I've asked my teachers and tutors and they all have different recs so im...
  2. B

    best recs for English advanced tudoring places???

    hi I’m looking for best/good tudoring places for English adv around Liverpool/Fairfield/Cabramatta area much help is appreciated!!!
  3. goodcat911

    English Short Answer Section

    What's the best way to prepare for the unseen text short answer section (Paper 1)? Is there a checklist or smth that u can follow to get the marks, and how important is it that i memorise lots of literary/visual techniques? If the skills for doing well in that section come from entirely just...
  4. goodcat911

    Notes on "The Crucible" a "Goodnight and Good luck"

    For the Common Module advanced essay at the end of the term. If anyone has, pls send.
  5. P

    I am selling 2023 HSC English Advanced notes and 20/20 essays!!

    Hey guys, I just graduated and am selling 2023 HSC English Advanced notes and essays. My notes and essays are very organised, consistent, clear and concise. The notes and essays I paid for and got from high-achieving students are very thorough, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages. Most of...
  6. U

    PLS HELP! Good Night and Good Luck Essay Starter question

    "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin In what ways is Clooney’s film an examination of the tension between liberty and safety? I don't really understand the text so I am having trouble with...
  7. A


    first of all im not sure if this is the right place to post this but uh ill just do it. As the title suggests, I am having major trouble with english advanced and i know this is a really bad time for me to realise as we are literally almost done with the course. I am struggling so much with...
  8. Modern4DaBois

    Suggestions for related texts -> 1984

    Hello, I have a multimodal task on 1984 and one related text of my choice. However, I can't seem to find anything interesting. I'm mostly looking at short films or music videos cause we aren't allowed to do another novel, so yeah.. Anyone have any suggestions? Help would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. O

    Related Texts

    What are some good related texts for 1984 that are either films or poetry??
  10. A

    Suggestions For Related Text - Common Mod: Text and Human Experience

    Hey there, I have an upcoming multimodal to do for the common module. Schools doing 1984 by george orwell but the multimodal needs to be on a related text, with some connections to 1984. If possible can anyone provide suggestions for a related text?