extension english

  1. G

    feedback on literary worlds assignment for ext eng 1??

    could anyone give me feedback on an assignment pls!! pm ur email and ill send it!!
  2. tamdz

    [100% REFUND IF NO BAND 5 OR ABOVE] Experienced English Standard and Advanced Tutoring

    Check out fathaenglishtutoring! A private one-on-one tutoring at just $30 per hour, including a free trial to see if you like it or not. The tutoring landscape in Sydney today for English is bleak - many tutors opt to lazily write essays for students or pretend to understand the syllabus and...
  3. H

    To drop or not to drop?

    I am currently contemplating dropping ext 1 english, as I have not performed well for the HSC exams of the course thus far. Our class only has 9-10 people, but I think i may be ranked last at the moment. The decision is really hard to make and everyone I ask for advice tells me that the pros and...
  4. justbellaforshort

    (ENGLISH) Just finished Year 11 Term 1, beyond overwhelmed by what's in store

    From Year 7-10, I've always been confident in my studies, getting A's frequently save for when I'd have maths exams, which I'd work really hard to get high C's or low B's in. I thought I was so smart and really remarkable. Then, I start Year 11, and I find that I'm not that remarkable. If...