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  1. jimmysmith560

    French Tutoring

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. I'm a French tutor mainly offering tutoring for Year 11 and 12 Beginners and Continuers. I would also be very happy to give French lessons to younger students as well as adults and other people looking to learn French for fun (i.e. outside the NSW French...
  2. jimmysmith560

    French 2020 HSC Exam tips (Beginners, Continuers, Extension)

    Hi! Here are some tips to help anyone doing French for the HSC :D French Beginners & French Continuers: French Beginners Exam date: Thursday 5 November French Continuers Exam date: Friday 23 October Listening tips: Make sure you are familiar with all the expressions you've been taught and...
  3. sami90210

    French or Spanish beginners? help

    Should I do french or Spanish beginners with NSL? I have some knowledge of both but can comprehend french much better. However, I know that Spanish will help me a lot more in the future as it is more useful, and I can learn Italian if I know Spanish. Please advice me ASAP as I need to submit...