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  1. D

    Year 11 HAST Entry - Penrith

    I'm currently a year 10 student looking to gain entry into Penrith Selective High School in year 11. I've done the HAST exam last year and I did well in everything except english. Last year I bought the Selectivetrial Practice exams and they were pretty good. This year I can't find any official...
  2. S

    Year 10 2024 School applications

    I am starting to get some of my results for the schools I applied for this year and I can’t seem to make a choice where to go if all goes well. First of all, I go to a top 30 private school and currently rank around 20-30 within my cohort of ~250 students. I applied to various schools such as...
  3. Sir Jigger II

    Year 8-11 Selective Result Discussion

    Questions regarding selective entry after year 7
  4. H

    senior secondary hast preperation

    what sort of questions appear in the mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, comprehension for senior secondary hast and how to prepare for them
  5. C

    hast acer

    hello i'm doing the hast test this year for entrance into a selective high school and i'm hoping to get the 2023 sample test question booklet for hast... i bought the 2019 one on the acer website and i'm hoping to trade with someone for the 2023 one. just send me your email if you'd like to trade!
  6. Lima_bosty

    HAST resources

    Hey guys, I’m a year 10 student who will be applying to a selective school for year 11 entry. I was just wondering if there are any useful HAST resources for me to use as preparation for the test and if so, where can I purchase them? thank uuu☺️
  7. D

    Selective entry for year 11 Penrith SHS.

    Hi guys, I am in year 10 and I recently applied for selective entry into Penrith in year 11. I do not know how to prepare for it. They test for Reading comprehension, Mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and written expression. How do I study for the different sections and what type of...
  8. L

    ACER/HAST past papers

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had some HAST or ACER test papers? (Used in y8-12 selective enrollment) If anyone does, please let me know by messaging me or by replying to here (or anyway really!) I'd be super grateful and really appreciate it :) Thank you ! have a nice day.