1. LuqmanA

    😔 Failure is your best teacher!

    NOTE: This was today's edition of ATAR Digest, my weekly newsletter (if you'd like to sign up for free, please email me at Luqmanarabofficial@gmail.com) ---- 🧠 Your Mindset is EVERYTHING! Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it - Steve Maraboli The...
  2. LuqmanA

    How I went from being a D-student to scoring a 95+ ATAR (at a public school)

    Hey everyone! My name is Luqman, and I graduated the HSC in 2022. I am writing this thread to inspire those who are doubting their ability to score the ATAR of their dreams... Those who are disadvantaged and don't go to the best schools... And those who have never had the best grades. Table...
  3. A

    Selling Notes

    Hi, My name is Abhi, I attended a top 20 school in NSW for my HSC. As of now I have been collating all my notes together so I should be gathering more resources for each of my subjects in the following days. Here are the prices for the notes I have collated: For Mathematics Extension 2...
  4. I

    Please help me choose which subject to drop🙏🏻

    So I've just started year 12 and I'm deciding which subject to drop from maths adv, eng adv, bio, chem, PDHPE, and design and technology. The initial plan when I started year 11 was to drop DT because the major project takes up A LOT of time and I feel like it will get in the way of studying for...
  5. souli

    How's your study going now VS the beginning of the year?

    This is a bit of a check-in/reflection post ig.. How are you going with your study, compared to your goals at the beginning of the year? Are you beyond your expectations, or do you feel that you're falling behind? Are you still feeling motivated or a bit burnt out? Personally, I'm feeling a bit...