im dying

  1. TryingMyBest194

    erm chat is an 85 atar attainable or...

    ok i know i said i'd try hard for maths and eco but im deadass cooked anyways and will probably drop eco because i literally am on the verge of screaming because i HATE eco. anyways,, my averages for like eng standard, legal, va, and SOR 1U are all within the 80s range while maths adv, maths...
  2. goblinslayer

    TT + HS HELPPP!!

    hi all, i’m a bit confused on how i can link patriarchal values to purity/virginity for women in the tempest, and how can i deflect this idea in Hagseed?
  3. khlovebot

    MultiModal help plsplspls

    I did othello last term and have to do my multimodal this term. We can pick anything we want so I have no clue please send me examples. I can provide othello essay aaaaa ;w;