1. imxprt

    Is it possible to get a high ATAR of 99.95 with standard English?

    I was wondering can you get a 99.95 ATAR with standard English? If you have 4U maths to carry it to the atar?
  2. M


    heyy it would mean a lot if you could do my questionnaire. it won't allow me to post a link so there is a space in front of the :// https :// thank you so much
  3. M

    Question assistance and answer check (important)

    Can anyone look over my answers for the following questions and let me know if they are correct or how I can fix them so I can get the best mark possible. My assessment is due in 3 days, and I am worried that the answers are incorrect. My answers are in bold. Q1. For optimal fish growth and...
  4. M

    Statistics questions help - IMPORTANT ASAP

    Hi, is anyone able to help with the following questions? I'm very confused and my assessment is due in a few days. I have done majority of the questions, i just dont know these ones Q1 - In a study of 180 participants with Carpal tunnel syndrome, half had surgery and the other half had a...
  5. M

    Can I still get an 80+ atar?

    Hi guys, Was just wondering if its still possible to get an over 80 atar. I'm in the top 10 for every subject (except maths lol) but the average for trials at my school was pretty bad so I was just wondering if its possible to get 80+. I wanna pursue a degree in nursing so I know there are...