james ruse

  1. niecoups

    what the heck is the edutest thing and how do you study for it? + questions about jrahs (considering to try get in for year 11 2025 jrahs entry :'))

    hello! i am a kid who is kind of determined to transferring schools from my current selective school (as i felt like my current school was honestly so behind compared to other schools + my whole school experience has honestly been on autopilot) to another selective school (ideally jrahs bc they...
  2. B

    Edutest results & transferring high schools

    Hi guys, So I went through the process to try and transfer high schools this year and I did the Edutest exam earlier this year. I put down JR and Baulko down (quite adventurous of me I know) and sent my application through with a vast amount of certificates from both extracurricular and...
  3. TheRedactedChed

    (HELP) James Ruse Workload

    Hey there, this is my first post on this forum I got into James Ruse for Year 10 from Normanhurst Boys, and I'm just wondering the amount of workload I'd expect from this new school I'm not even a top student in Normanhurst, and although I'd say I'm a hard-working student, I know James Ruse...
  4. U

    James Ruse

    How does James Ruse calculate rankings (yr 7-11)? Like is there a particular system? For example, is there a point system for dux?
  5. H

    James Ruse Admission Dates

    hey guys, I completed the James ruse year 10 entrance exam recently and was wondering when I should expect the outcomes?
  6. J

    Tips for James Ruse Application? for current Year 9 going into Year 10

    Hi there, I am a student that currently in Year 9 and trying out for James Ruse for Year 10. Firstly, does Ruse offer any sports for new Year 10 students? Does anyone know anyone that has done the Ruse Year 9 test for Yr 10? If so, could they please advise me on how to study for it and how to do...
  7. K


    Hi! I’m Kim, I graduated James Ruse in 2019 and am studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science / Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Sydney. I am an experienced tutor, having private tutored for over a year, aswell as having lectured at the Earth Science Olympiad Summer School in 2020 and...
  8. A

    James Ruse entry application and interview tips and questions

    Hi all. Just finished up with the whole application and interview process. Just wanted to post my experience. Application: With all questions, try and focus on advertising your extracurricular activities. James Ruse wants students who aren't solely academic focus. Highlight your...
  9. A

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Got James ruse interview

    I recently got notified about an interview I need to give to gain admission for James Ruse. I have never done an interview and have no idea what will come up. If it helps, I am trying for Yr9 entry. Any help is welcome. Also if you get an interview does that mean you will automatically get an offer?