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  1. V

    Selling Legal and Religion study notes

    Hi everyone, I am Vidhi and I finished the HSC in 2023. I thought I'd reach out to sell the notes that I made using as many different sources as possible including several textbooks, study guides, ATAR notebooks, HSC sample answers and other high-performing students' notes. The reason to buy...
  2. L

    Band 6 HSC complete syllabus notes and planned paragraphs

    Hi guys! I graduated in 2023 and achieved a band 6 in legal studies. I have extensive notes and information using a variety of resources including many case studies to use as examples. I also created dot-pointed paragraphs for almost any possible question that could be asked in the long response...
  3. cherubjin


    my teacher is giving us a practice essay for prelims and im already confused about the question, im not the type to ask the teacher for help because he has already explained it so many times so i was wondering if anyone could help me understand Evaluate legal responses that address...