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    Band 6 HSC complete syllabus notes and planned paragraphs

    Hi guys! I graduated in 2023 and achieved a band 6 in legal studies. I have extensive notes and information using a variety of resources including many case studies to use as examples. I also created dot-pointed paragraphs for almost any possible question that could be asked in the long response...
  2. I

    Prelim Legal Studies Essay Review

    Hey guys, Im kinda new here so not sure how this works but if anyone doesn't mind giving me some feedback on my legal prelim essay, please msg me or comment (not sure which one works better)
  3. PythagorasTheorum=CCCXII

    Assess the role of law reform in addressing emerging technological issues enforcing rights.

    if you just want to fluff your legal studies essay in prelim or whatever with case briefs and stuff, here it is. i did this in one night so appreciate the quality. peace...... edit: i got 25/25 for this so yh its decent.