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    Hi everyone, My name is Djordje, I graduated in 2023 with a 96 ATAR and am currently selling my HSC Biology notes for a negotiable price of $30. Please message me on the website if anyone is interested in purchasing or making an offer.
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    Selling Legal and Religion study notes

    Hi everyone, I am Vidhi and I finished the HSC in 2023. I thought I'd reach out to sell the notes that I made using as many different sources as possible including several textbooks, study guides, ATAR notebooks, HSC sample answers and other high-performing students' notes. The reason to buy...
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    I am selling 2023 HSC English Advanced notes and 20/20 essays!!

    Hey guys, I just graduated and am selling 2023 HSC English Advanced notes and essays. My notes and essays are very organised, consistent, clear and concise. The notes and essays I paid for and got from high-achieving students are very thorough, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages. Most of...
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    Band 6 HSC complete syllabus notes and planned paragraphs

    Hi guys! I graduated in 2023 and achieved a band 6 in legal studies. I have extensive notes and information using a variety of resources including many case studies to use as examples. I also created dot-pointed paragraphs for almost any possible question that could be asked in the long response...