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    Vision Science

    Hey guys, I've been trying to ring UNSW up for so long and I've gotten no answer 😤 I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this. If you're doing a Bachelor of Vision Science, can you transfer into the Bachelor of Vision Science/ Master of Clinical Optometry component after one year...
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    USYD or UNSW??

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could perhaps give me your perspectives on which course I should pick. I know the end decision comes down to what I prefer, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought too. Out of these two degrees, do you think I should pick: Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)...
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    Actuary vs Optometry

    Hey all, I'm choosing between Actuarial Studies/IT at Macquarie and Optometry at Geelong/Queensland (I received both offers.) I live in Sydney and have an ATAR of 95.35. I love maths and science/physics so both courses really appeal to me. I've given this a lot of thought throughout the year and...