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    sac questionnaire :)

    link is on my profile (currently struggling to find more participants hence why i posted here)
  2. sophiie.burns

    MAJOR WORK ADVICE (from someone who did 3 major works!)

    Hey guys, Not sure if anyone will see this, but id thought I'd share my major work experience with those of you who are considering dropping or are doing major work subjects for year 12. Before I go on my little rant I want to say that this was just my experience with major works and...
  3. sophiie.burns


    The PIP is due (2023) in a week today and I thought I'd share some unsolicited advice on how I stayed organised during the completion of my PIP. 1. get a 'PIP BINDER' Get a small 25mm binder and put everything PIP-related in it. Secondary sources, focus group questions, brainstorming pages...
  4. Y

    PIP Survey

    Hey guys! Currently in Year 12 and collecting responses for my PIP. Would be killer if you could take the time to fill out my survey. It's cross-generational so just pick the link that takes you to your generation. Topic is on the use of technology for escapism. Please share it around too...
  5. Y

    SAC PIP cross cultural component?

    Hey there, I'm having trouble deciding what cross-cultural component I should do for my pip topic. My topic basically focuses on the concept of nostalgia and technology - the function of nostalgia in the world today, how technology and media makes us more nostalgic and it's effects on mental...
  6. I

    help PIP name

    I need help choosing a title for my personal interest project, which is about the struggles multicultural individuals experience - My first chapter is about the struggles; identity, beliefs and socialisation process - The second chapter is about cultural assimilation in Australia, specifically...
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    PIP help :)

    I'm currently in the midst of writing my Personal Interest Project for my SAC class. I've decided to focus on how multicultural adolescents struggle with their identity but I've gotten stuck with my chapter topics since my topic doesn't have much room to expand. I was thinking for my first...
  8. R

    PIP questionnaire

    This is a questionnaire for my PIP, if you take the time out of your day to answer, it will be much appreciated :)
  9. R

    PIP (please help)

    Hey, so my teacher said that my PIP topic was too generic and had been done a lot in the previous years which was: "How does the negative influence of Disney material manifest in children?" With this question I was going to talk about toxic masculinity, misogynistic views and beauty...
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    So I’m currently starting the beginning of my HSC Pip journey for SAC. I’m thinking of doing how Barbie Dolls have influenced female body images and expectations over time. Is that a good pip topic and what would my sub topics be? How would I gather research for it, who would I interview?? my...
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    PIP quick SURVEY

    Hey yall, could you please do my questionnaire for my society and culture mini PIP. It's about cultural identity for immigrants in Australia. It takes around 2 minutes to complete. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.:sun: The link is in my profile posts because boredofstudies doesn't...
  12. M


    HIII, for my PIP i'm doing the impact of anime on identity. Please fill out the survey below, it should only take 10mins tops. Thank you so much for taking out your time to fill out the survey and I appreciate your help. :) if you would like the link to the survey pls leave your email down below :)