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  1. G

    yr 11 help pls idk what im doing

    hi im in yr 11 doing bio, chem, maths ext, maths adv, english adv, sor 1 and geography (exactly 12 units). my current marks for these subjects are: biology: 73% (rank 43/98) chemistry: 73% (54/72) maths ext: 60% (59/88) math adv: 68% (77/144) english adv: 67% (34/63) sor 1: 80% (9/12)...
  2. niecoups

    subject selection advice needed :’)

    hello! Im a year 10 who currently needs to be considering their subject selections and I really just have a vague idea of what I want to do but I’m really clueless in general of what is good and what is bad and all the technical stuff like being able to do a 1 unit subject, subject dropping...
  3. A

    Is extension 2 english, extension 1 english, and extension 1 maths too much?

    I have been struggling with this decision for a while now and could use some help. I currently take 3U maths and english, as well as chem, VA, and Legal, but I'm interested in taking up extension 2 english at the start of year 12. Problem is I enjoy all my subjects and don't want to drop any of...
  4. D

    Poor Year-Average Prelim Marks

    hey guys, so I was wondering if the prelim marks at my school are an indicator of how well my cohort is gonna do in the HSC, since year prelim averages were pretty bad (50% for all sciences, engineering, and MX1). I go to a decent school in NSW (top 50) if that matters is this because the tests...
  5. H

    Preliminary English Advanced Past Papers

    can u all give english advanced prelim past papers please
  6. H

    Preliminary Engineering Studies Past Papers

    Can u all provide engineering studies past papers for me please
  7. jccc

    Should I drop down to Standard English?

    I'm in Year 11 and will be doing my preliminary exams next week. I'm really conflicted about English. I'm doing Advanced English and it's my worst subject (average 75%). I want to see how I go but is is worth it to drop down to standard? I'm not a fan of English right now but at the same time it...
  8. M

    Do You Need To Have A Certain Amount Of PRELIM Hours For A Course?

    My friends have been switching subjects late year 11 and I was wondering if the low hours in the courses will be an issue? I believe you don't need to do the prelim course to do the HSC course as NESA allows you to switch subjects until mid year 12?
  9. M

    Does any1 have the solutions to QATS 2020 Maths ext 1 prelim?

    my teacher gave my class the paper but doesnt have the answers to it. I cant find it online so i thought to ask here. if any1 has it, can u pls send it to me. thank you :D
  10. M

    What Are The NESA rules on picking up and dropping a prelim course

    Are there any deadlines or other rules?
  11. B

    prelim ag past papers?

    anyone have any past papers for prelim ag? i cant seem to find any on acehsc or thsc. cheers :)
  12. jccc

    biology preliminary papers

    hello! i was wondering if anyone has any biology preliminary papers? they're so hard to find 😭
  13. G

    Best Chemistry Tutor for Year 11

    Hey guys, So I am planning on getting a chemistry tutor for Year 11, 2024, as I'm currently in Year 10 and want one that starts a bit early in like term 3 to 4. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on tutoring centres that are good. I've been thinking about Peak HSC and Matrix, but open...
  14. J

    Year 11 Physics Mod 1 Free Online Seminar Sunday 19th Feb - ACE

    Hi everyone, Justin here from ACE. In case you missed the last post, I graduated from James Ruse in 2016 and am now the Head of Chemistry and Academic Lead at ACE. I am excited to post again to let you know that our new series of completely free online seminars which review each Module in the...
  15. H

    English Tutoring Places / Private Tutor Recommendation

    Hi. I am in year 11 and I am super stressed about English. Are there recommendations with tutoring centre or private tutors that I can go to? I live near north shore and Epping area and I am fine with any prices. I have checked out places like Delta and JP, but I found Delta too $$ and JP was...