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  1. Minari243

    Answer my Mini PIP questionnaire please :))

    https://forms.gle/yd3fJ8F468Z59fK66 I'd really appreciate it if you filled out my questionnaire for my mini PIP :)) Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Societal Expectations of Body Modification in the Workplace

    Hi! For my Personal Interest project in Society and Culture, I need responses to my questionnaire. The topic I have chosen is Societal Expectations of Body Modification in the Workplace. I would really appreciate if you could take 2 minutes out of your time to complete this as best as you can...
  3. C

    Help me do my PIP questionnaires. TYSM!

    Hello everyone! I'm doing an across generation studies ( Gen X vs Gen Z) research on advertising. Could you lovely people help me fill out these questionnaires and share it with everyone!? Since I need 60 responses. That would be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much! :))