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  1. F

    is it joever for my wishes of 80+ ATAR?

    Chemistry: 19/20 English Adv: Rank 9, might change for the worse. Ext 1: Rank 4/11 Ext 2: Rank 1/6 Math Standard: Rank 15/60 SOR 1: Rank 28/60 - will improve, one time fluke Biology: 7/30 I want to get a minimum of 80 ATAR. Chemistry is holding me down, is it still possible? I have 11 units.
  2. Canoeboat

    Is it still possible to get a 95+? Am I cooked?

    This my report, am i cooked? Studies Of Religion 1: 84/100, Rank: 4/32 English Advanced: 71/100, Rank: 11/38 Extension English 1: 66/100, Rank: 1/3 Math Advanced: 77/100, Rank: 11/37 Math Extension 1: 52/100, Rank: 13/16 Biology: 93/100, Rank 3/12 Chemistry: 86/100, Rank: 2/11 Economics: 70/100...
  3. D

    Internal Ranking

    Hey guys just got my first semester reports and I placed 21/31 in one of my classes with an assessment mark worth 30%. will this severely impact my Atar? I have been first consistently for this class in year 11, this was the first exam of year 12 and I was just very unprepared, if I get high...
  4. katiekms

    Highest ATAR at your school + school rank?

    i’m expecting all of the responses to be crazy since you all seem to come from rich schools but mines pretty sad lol. My schools like 400+ and the highest ATAR last year was like 91.75 and i think the year before was about 93. and keep in mind there was likely only one or two people that would...
  5. A

    Disadvantaged pathways to Medicine degrees

    Hey there, I'm Marty, I'm a journalist at the ABC who's researching the positives and negatives of the university admissions system for future med students. In particular, how it benefits or misses the mark when it comes to giving students from low socio-economic areas (low SES) a better shot...
  6. M

    Matrix Atar Calculator Questions

    How accurate is the matrix education atar calculator? Also, do you put in your raw marks or your scaled mark estimates?
  7. S

    Poorly ranked school but want a 95+ ATAR

    Hey guys, I'm currently in year 12, went to a fairly good school ranked in the 100s, and the cohort was great. However I just moved to a rural area and thus had to move to my local school, which is ranked in the 800s, and this year I believe, there were only 2 students who got 1 band six each...
  8. O

    Question about ranked marks

    As we understand, your final HSC mark is a combination of your external exam mark, and the internal being roughly the exam mark of the student in your cohort who achieves the same rank in the exam as you received as your internal ranking. But how strictly does this follow? What if, for example...