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    IPT HSC Course Samuel Davis TB Answers

    Hey everyone, I was hoping if anyone could lead me to a copy or share a copy of the answers for the Samuel Davis IPT HSC textbook or his book's Teacher Resource Kit. It would be really helpful even if it's just for the Communication Systems chapter. Thanks!
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    Looking for year 10 Exam resources

    I'm in WA but I would like some exam resources for my subjects. Im doing Math Advanced, Science Advanced, Preparation for Literature, HASS advanced and religion. If you have any past exams or tests or just useful resources from year 10 could you share them? Thanks
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    Selling Band 6 Resources!

    Hi everyone! My name is Venessa and I am a 2019 graduate from Manly Selective Campus. I will be studying Psychology (Hons)/Law at UNSW in 2020. I achieved a Band 6/E4 in the subjects English Advanced, English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Society & Culture and Mathematics Standard. I’m selling...