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  1. I

    Cadetships that aren't from PCA

    Anyone know or recommend other investment banking cadetships that I can apply for currently as a y12 student for next year? I know there are a few accounting ones out there but are there any other ones similar to UBS and stuff?
  2. I

    Coping with bad teacher

    I'm sure everyone has had bad teachers within their life but since there's not really any teacher change in yr11/12, your kinda stuck if you have a bad teacher. Anyone have any tips on how to self study during class time if your teacher basically doesn't teach and just rambles on about the most...
  3. I

    Back to school voucher

    Just wondering where people have used their back to school vouchers or any places where they plan on using it to maximise the value of the $150. I know it ain't that deep but money is money
  4. yooook

    2020 (Physics) CSSA - Independent - ACE HSC Trial papers!!!!!!

    If anyone has any of these physics for 2020 with solutions, please dm/pm me, I need to check if I got my answers correct! p.s ik its intellectual property, but if you could just dm/pm me the stuff through, greatly appreciated yoooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk