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    How should I structure my Literature review for my Scientific report ?

    I am writing a report for science extension and am unsure of how to write and structure the literature review. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
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    Science Extension survey!!

    Hi guys! If you want some childhood flashbacks with some de-stressing questions (for ptsd), please follow ur heart and complete this lil survey I made for my sci ext. It's rlly weird and fun AND only takes 3 - 5 mins and I really appreciate ur service~ 🙂❤ This is a quick 3-minute survey (8...
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    science extension

    hey all decided last term that i wanted to do extension science. i dropped chem to pick it up (i still do bio) and now i’m regretting it. i don’t want to only have 10 units (currently have 11). basically the course is a mess and my teacher is kinda useless. we only have 2 lessons a fortnight...