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software design and development

  1. A

    Does anyone have notes for Samuel Davis' Software Design and Development Year 11 from 1.1 to 1.4?

    Does anyone have notes for Samuel Davis' Software Design and Development Year 11 from 1.1 to 1.4? I'm an accelerated year 10 student who is struggling to get by. Any help is appreciated greatly :)
  2. N

    Anyone have Past HSC SDD marked papers?

    I'm curious if anyone bought back their SDD papers in their HSC year? I was hoping to have a look at the standard required for full marks in some of the shorts, as some of the sample responses in the marking guidelines seem like they lack detail. Cheers.
  3. H

    Preliminary Software Design and Development Past Papers

    can u all give me software past papers please
  4. R

    SDD Major Project Ideas

    Just started year 12 and the teacher wants us to come up with ideas for our major projects. Looking for a project that can hopefully reap the most impressive mark with the smallest amount of effort/programming ability. I'm not a brilliant programmer so weary of embarking on a project that will...
  5. J

    I need advice on whether to drop physics or software design and development.

    You don't need to worry about your subjects being helpful in your future degree/course (unless it is a prerequisite) - but considering the information you've provided it seems that you are more interested in physics so perhaps you should consider dropping software in that case
  6. T

    Time Management Advice?

    Hey Guys! I now have approx 8 weeks till the HSC and I was wondering if anyone had any good time management advice? It's been one week since our Alternative Trials finished and I haven't really done anything proper yet (I'm burnt out lol but I managed to get in 3 hours overall this entire...
  7. TamzidZ

    Anyone have any SDD past papers

    Bro SDD barely gets any love smh. Can't find much online 😢