software design and development

  1. H

    Preliminary Software Design and Development Past Papers

    can u all give me software past papers please
  2. R

    SDD Major Project Ideas

    Just started year 12 and the teacher wants us to come up with ideas for our major projects. Looking for a project that can hopefully reap the most impressive mark with the smallest amount of effort/programming ability. I'm not a brilliant programmer so weary of embarking on a project that will...
  3. J

    I need advice on whether to drop physics or software design and development.

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a year 11 student who's completing my preliminary exams in four weeks' time and starting year 12 next year. I want to drop down from 12 units to 10 units as I want to focus more on my other subjects whilst continuing to work a part-time job. At the moment, my...
  4. T

    Time Management Advice?

    Hey Guys! I now have approx 8 weeks till the HSC and I was wondering if anyone had any good time management advice? It's been one week since our Alternative Trials finished and I haven't really done anything proper yet (I'm burnt out lol but I managed to get in 3 hours overall this entire...
  5. A

    English (ADV/STD) | Business Studies | SDD Tutoring - 95.50 ATAR

    Hi! My name is Anthony and I am a 2019 HSC Graduate. SMARTR Tutoring is my own tutoring business, where I offer PRIVATE and PERSONALISED tutoring services. In tutoring multiple HSC students throughout 2019 through till now, I have the experience, specialised knowledge and skills to help you to...
  6. TamzidZ

    Anyone have any SDD past papers

    Bro SDD barely gets any love smh. Can't find much online 😢