software engineering

  1. Huntress_Waffle

    Thoughts on Computer Science/ Economics double degree?

    Hey guys so I RLYY like eco, but I don't think a single Eco degree will easily get me a job as compared to if I go into software engineering/comp sci/ data science. Especially because I have absolutely no connections in the business/eco/finance field whereas my parents both do techy jobs. I'm...
  2. C

    USYD Dalyell Scholars VS UNSW Engineering (Software)

    I am a current year 12 student about to enter university and I'm deciding between USYD's Bachelor of Engineering (Software) (Dalyell Scholars) and UNSW's Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software). The main concern that I have between the two is that I've heard from many people that in order...
  3. Pablo_35

    Need Some Advice ! (University Pathways)

    Hello members of BOS ! So right now i am deciding on which course i should get into and tranfer into Bachelor of Software Engineering at UTS (LSR of 82.45) just in case my ATAR does not make the cut. These are the courses i am considering right now: Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours)...