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standard mathematics

  1. C

    I think I’m gonna fail my standard maths exam tomorrow

    I bet i could have done decently if i‘d studied today but i was so stressed i ended up scrolling all day through social media lol. It’s worth like 30% of our mark which is gonna be the same as our trial… i sat down to study for like 3 times today but couldn’t because i kept getting distracted ...
  2. K

    Maths help

    Hey ya'll, So I'm currently doing advanced maths in year 11, starting Term 2 next week, and my plan is to study medicine hopefully. Last week my teacher gave students who he thought were incapable of advanced a test, including me. No one passed the exam, and I flunked it too, that's on me. The...
  3. B

    Complete Standard Maths Course on Youtube

    Hi, Just letting everyone know that the complete year 11 standard maths course is now available on Youtube. If you read the descriptions below each video you will find links to theory booklets as well. Check out the playlist which has the whole course in order and all the links to the theory...