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    Is This A Normal Way To Teach PDHPE

    In our school every lesson for PE, we sit a syllabus test and we must write out the entire year 12 PDHPE syllabus word for word in correct order. If we get any wrong we must rewrite the syllabus 5-10 times due the next lesson.
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    what we've learnt in class doesn't align with the y11 bio syllabus

    hey guys, so i was looking through the y11 bio syllabus, and i can’t seem to find anything about ‘the timeline of cell creation’ (i.e. a timeline outlining when each scientist discovered what part of the cell or what invention which lead to the cell theory). however, we covered the cell theory...
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    Gaps in the curriculum

    Has anyone else noticed areas where different information is given in different subjects? In Aboriginal Studies I've been taught that in traditional Indigenous customary law, punishments and judgements were dealt by Elders of the particular community. Contrastingly, in Legal Studies it is taught...
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    Hey everybody, PDHPE can be a very heavy content subject, to help you guys out I'm selling cheap notes based on the syllabus dot-points. These notes are very condensed and precise, making it very easy to memorize. I ranked 3rd out of the cohort. Core 1 notes- $5 Core 2 notes- $5 Core 1 and...
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    Engineering helpful sites/programs?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have come across any helpful sites that provide engineering notes based on the Year 12 syllabus? Our school has decided to buy Edrolo however they have the majority of senior subjects but not engineering :( Any help would be appreciated :) Thank you
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    Guys help, I have trials in around 2 weeks and I'm so stressed because I feel like I am not prepared at all especially for economics and maths adv. I am wondering if anyone has any advice in terms of good ways to study and how to study content heavy subjects like economics and whether it's worth...