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    Best HSC physics tutors

    Can anyone recommend experienced online physics tutors? I live pretty far away from the city and wouldn't be able to do in-person classes, however can come down to Sydney if classes are held on weekends. I need a tutor that's able to teach just as well online as they can offline, and keeps...
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    Zhang's Chemistry Notes

    Hi. Is anyone able to share Zhang's Chemistry notes or any of their materials? I am in year 11 and I'm debating whether I should start chemistry tutoring starting term 1 or 2, and Zhang's seems like a good place. I would really appreciate if I could have a look at their materials and possibly...
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    Thoughts on SCOM Matt?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what your thoughts were on Matt Cash the math tutor who used to work at SCOM? Any personal, second hand testimonials or comparisons would definitely help!
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    Can anybody help rank these tutoring centres based on personal experience or word of mouth??? (Reasoning or partial rankings would also be greatly appreciated!!)
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    melbourne alternatives to dr du/kurt/ngo and sons

    I was wondering if any of you guys knew intense math tutoring centres like dr du/kurt/ngo and sons in Melbourne that are catered to students sitting the VCE from the top high schools? I feel like there is this sort of trauma bondage between dr du/kurt/ngo and sons students, like a love/hate...
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    Where to buy tutoring booklets

    Hi everyone, I was wondering where I could find Yr 11 and 12 Math tutoring content booklets from reputable tutoring centres such as Matrix? If anyone is selling them, please do reach out! Thanks!
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    Does anybody know how much tutoring centres pay for graduates?

    Eg. Dr Du, PEAK, ACE, Ngo and Sons, Zhangs... etc. basically interested in all their rates.